Alicia, mom of 3, shared her story with our team of how she overcame obstacles in her breastfeeding journey. We’re grateful to share her breastfeeding story of Alicia and her family on our blog: 

My daughter breastfed. She was great at it, but from day one she HATED bottles. For the first 7 months of her life, no matter how much we pushed bottles, she refused them. 

In the beginning, it wasn’t so bad having a squishy little barancle attached to me. But when she was 4 months old, I had surgery. She screamed for hours because she pushed every bottle away, even refusing the help of a lactation consultant. For 7 long months I rarely left my house, I couldn’t leave her with anyone for longer than 3-4 hours, and it was becoming a huge stressor on my life. I developed severe PPD/anxiety because I could never have time for myself because she refused every bottle we gave her. On the happier end, I also ended up with a huge stock pile of frozen milk that went to 3 babies in need of mother’s milk! 

This past January, I finally had enough. I started researching bottles and found NanoBebe. I saw so many sharing their positive experiences with breastfed babies and picked it. I thought, “what’s there to lose?” and hit order. I practically waited on my front steps waiting for them. As soon as they were delivered, I sanitized them, thawed out milk i had pumped, and handed a bottle to my husband. 

A miracle happened! SHE TOOK THE BOTTLE. Not only did she take the bottle without fuss, she fell asleep on my husband which she RARELY did. I had never felt such a huge weight off of my shoulders. I cried. This was such a relief I NEEDED to share with other mothers who may be battling the same war.

I am now currently 21 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. I’ve already started stocking up on NanoBebe bottles of various sizes because I REFUSE to struggle like I did before. Nanobebe helped me in more ways than I could ever explain, and I am so grateful and thankful!