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Nicole is a wife and mother of one, with twins on the way. Nicole created the first fitness and wellbeing course to help women on their journey to pregnancy. It is an innovative and unique fitness regime that is specifically designed to exercise and nurture the body ahead of pregnancy. Her passion also includes helping women in all stages of their journey to feel great from the inside out - with tips, advice and health programs. You can connect with Nicole via her Fit Fab & Healthy group.

An Interview with a Mom of Newborns

January 24th, 2019|PDF|

We caught up with Nicole, a Health and Wellness Specialist, whose journey we’ve been following since she became pregnant with twins after her IVF treatment. She shares how she’s keeping up with breastfeeding and staying motivated to keep fit and healthy. So, here you are now a mom of newborns! What do you love about [...]

How Do You Boost Your Milk Supply?

December 7th, 2018|PDF|

After the birth of my beautiful twin boys, it’s been hectic and wonderful! I am grateful that I worked on my health and fitness which enabled me to have a smooth and safe birth. Now that I’m a busy mom of twins, it’s been a challenge to get my milk supply up! I have found that nutrition, and [...]

Nicole’s Journey Part Two: Pregnancy and Post-Partum Self-Care

November 8th, 2018|PDF|

As any pregnant woman would know, pregnancy, and even the journey to pregnancy, can be an interesting, and often, overwhelming time. Whether you needed treatment to conceive (like myself), suffered morning sickness, or had to endure common pains, like heartburn or Sciatica, just the strain of pregnancy on our bodies in general is enough to [...]

Nicole’s IVF Journey (Part 1): From Infertility to Twins

October 26th, 2018|PDF|

When we were trying to conceive, I didn’t imagine that I would have any issues. I felt super healthy, fit and I was even creating a pre-pregnancy fitness program at the time. What was around the corner took me by surprise and for the first few months of the journey I had mixed feelings. I [...]