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This Baby Bottle is Changing the Infant Feeding Industry – My Silly Little Gang

October 24th, 2018|FTR Blog|

Every parent who has a baby that breastfeeds is always worried about also bottle feeding. I for one always worried that my baby wouldn’t want to breastfeed once he had a hold of the bottle. Nanobébé is a new brand dedicated to revolutionizing the infant feeding industry. Launched in February, the company’s flagship Breastmilk Baby [...]


October 24th, 2018|FTR Blog|

Not sure if you guys know that I’m new to the whole breastfeeding scene even after having three kids. Fun fact; I never produced any milk with Jayleen or Hazel. So you could imagine the excitement I had when I realized I could produce for baby James. Nanobebe bottles were the first bottles I introduced [...]

August is National Breastfeeding Month – Chatty Patty’s Place

August 2nd, 2018|FTR Blog|

Last month I had the pleasure of attending Babypalooza.  Babypalooza is an event that features keynote speakers and brands that focus on everything baby. One of the products that really caught my eye at the event was Nanobebe's award winning breastmilk bottle.  I had never seen anything like it and found it to be a genius [...]

Breastfeeding must haves – The Bewitchin Kitchen

July 2nd, 2018|FTR Blog|

I first checked out Nanobebe when I was pregnant with V and was immediately intrigued. Fast forward two months and I’ve been using the system for the last two weeks. The bottle is the first of it’s kind to preserve nutrients as breastmilk gets warmed from the fridge or frozen. Nanobebe reached out to me [...]

Summer essentials for breastfeeding mama’s – Mommy’s Block Party

June 22nd, 2018|FTR Blog|

I have proudly been breastfeeding my daughter for 26 months. With both of my children, I set out to breastfeed them exclusively but quickly learned that it wasn’t without trial and error or many challenges. When my firstborn was an infant, we made it to 9 months and struggled most of the way through our journey. […]

A Day in the life of a wife, mom of two and a baker – Sweet Life of Anna

June 17th, 2018|FTR Blog|

It’s been a little bit over a month since Zoey was born and I think I have some sort of a routine/schedule figured out to help all of us survive the day! Here’s a look into our day… Ava wakes up and greets me at my bedside, I grab Zoey from the pack-n-play in our room and we head into the living room. I get Ava dressed for school, then get her something to eat for breakfast, it’s usually something quick and easy, and then let her play on her tablet. If Zoey is awake and hungry I will feed her. If not, then I let her sleep. […]

The Final Bottle – Glitter & Donuts

June 14th, 2018|FTR Blog|

This was the final bottle we tried. And you guys… SHE TOOK IT THE FIRST TIME! SHE ACTUALLY SUCKED AND ATE AND DIDN’T SCREAM! Again… she ate 1/3 of an ounce in 5 minutes. BUT SHE DRANK! AMAZING! I was really interested in trying this bottle because it is unlike any other bottle I have ever seen. It is designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients, the milk warms up two times faster than any other bottle, and you can pump directly into the bottle. […]

These Baby Bottles Are One Of A Kind And Here’s Why – Modern Mom Life

May 6th, 2018|FTR Blog|

I am proud of the fact I am still nursing 9 months in! I am also proud of the fact that I can also use baby bottles to feed my baby. Breastfeeding has been one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences in my life. The hard work that goes into it is remarkable and I give a shout out to anyone that is able to do it even if it’s for a mere day. However, sometimes momma needs a break and sometimes Dad wants to get in on the feeding experience. […]

13 Month breastfeeding update – Aly & Co

March 28th, 2018|FTR Blog|

13 months of breastfeeding this one. My goal was to make it to a year and then wean Nati but here I am at month 13 and I’m thinking I’ll just do it when she’s ready. Or when we’re both ready.  I was only able to breastfeed Ari 7 months so making it this long [...]

Newborn Gift Set Review – ttpm

March 4th, 2018|FTR Blog|

You've seen baby bottles before, but you've probably never seen one like the nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle. It doesn't look like traditional baby bottles, and that's because it's specially designed to protect the nutrients in breastmilk. Its domed shape and concave base spread the milk across a larger surface area to enable efficient cooling and warming. [...]