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How to Take Awesome Photos of Your Little One and Build a Modeling Portfolio

June 19th, 2019|PDF|

When you have an adorable baby (whose isn’t??), you want to capture the cuteness as much as you can! Sometimes babies “cooperate” and other times you have loads of photos that you end up deleting. There are ways to photograph your little ones, so that most of the pictures are keepers! Here are some basics to [...]

How Dads Can Be Involved During Baby’s Early Days (Besides Changing Diapers)

June 13th, 2019|PDF|

After coming home from the hospital, some dads may feel left out of family life and struggle to bond with their babies. In fact, a 2009 study found that 40 percent of dads felt that they had nothing to do after the baby was born. However, there are plenty of things new dads can do [...]

Being a Working Mom and Pumping

June 6th, 2019|PDF|

Being a working Mom, especially in the early years, is tough. There are stresses over pumping, trying to be there for all of the milestones, learning how to split time (after the work day ends) between several children, and trying to balance the rest of life amidst it all. Things can get a little crazy. [...]

Why Mental Health Matters for Moms

May 29th, 2019|PDF|

Mental Health Support is Critical For New Moms When you give birth to a baby, you probably don’t know what to expect. If you have experience with children or have friends that have kids, you may have some context as to what it’s like to be around babies, but if you’ve never babysat or all [...]

Your Baby’s Development and Important Milestones

May 19th, 2019|PDF|

Your Baby's Development and Important Milestones From the moment you bring your newborn home from the hospital, you will anticipate all of those firsts. You don't want to miss a single one. Not only is the anticipation of watching your child grow exciting, but it is also critical to identify key stages and know when [...]

Fact or Fiction? Debunking Common Breastfeeding Myths

April 24th, 2019|PDF|

Your beautiful baby has finally arrived and all the anticipation is over, now what? Once your baby is placed onto your chest, you may have envisioned that this beautiful, bonding moment will naturally progress to breastfeeding and that both you and your baby will instinctively know what to do. However, for many it doesn’t come [...]

Finding a Therapist for Postpartum Issues

April 10th, 2019|PDF|

Your baby has finally arrived, and you’re experiencing the joy of new life – plus the rush of adrenaline that comes with it. But with that excitement comes an influx of hormones, sleep deprivation, and a (sometimes unwelcome) new spotlight. If, at any point, the overwhelm starts to feel unmanageable, know that you’re not alone. [...]

7 Super Tips for Your Baby’s First Birthday

April 3rd, 2019|PDF|

Congratulations! You have hurdled the first year of parenthood. It’s time to celebrate your child’s first year with a smashing birthday party. The One Props to you for successfully surviving the first year of changing nappies, sleep deprivation, and the many other “firsts” that come with bringing a baby into this world. Especially if you’re [...]

Does Breastfeeding Prevent Food Allergies?

March 14th, 2019|PDF|

March is National Nutrition Month, and breastmilk provides a wealth of nutritional, immunity, and bonding benefits for mother and child. One common question that parents ask, though, is whether breastfeeding can prevent babies from developing food allergies. Breastmilk contains food proteins, so if you consume allergenic foods while breastfeeding, your baby will get some exposure [...]

Maximizing Newborn Sleep

February 21st, 2019|PDF|

Sleep is a hot topic these days, especially for those of us who aren’t getting any! New babies in the first few months of life are particularly notorious for frequent night wakings and 3am "witching hours." It is biologically normal for infants to wake at night throughout the first year (at least), and still, sleep [...]