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No, but our nanobébé product line features our flagship breastmilk bottle and accessories. We are big fans of breast pumps and include a free pump adaptor with each bottle package (also sold separately), so that you can express directly into your nanobébé bottle.

The nanobébé breastmilk bottle

It’s all about the geometry! By spreading the milk into a thin layer across our concave surface, breastmilk is able to both cool and warm 2-3 times faster in the nanobébé than in standard bottles.

Quick Cooling:

The longer breast milk is left out at room temperature the bacteria within continues to grow, reducing it’s nutritional value. It is beneficial to cool breast milk as quickly as possible so that the immunological properties inside go towards baby’s nutrition rather than to fighting the bacterial growth. 

Quick and Even Warming:

The popular method of using boiling water to warm breast milk is not recommended by health professionals because of the likelihood of overheating the milk, which damages nutrients, and the risk of hot spots, which are dangerous for your baby. As a live biological fluid, breast milk begins to deteriorate above body temperature, so it is recommended to warm it gently using warm tap water. Nanobébé’s breastmilk bottle allows for quick and even warming at safe temperatures, to quickly and healthfully satisfy your baby’s immediate hunger needs.

Watch our YouTube “How To” Video to see the correct bottle assembly in action.

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If sealed correctly your bottle should not leak, take a look at the image below for guidance.

Contact our customer support should you have any further questions.

Yes! (Fun fact: part of our team were the original founders of BornFree, who were the very first to introduce BPA-free baby bottles to the market).

Our nanobébé bottles come with a breast pump adapter which is compatible with all standard narrow neck breast pumps (the majority of the breast pumps on the market today) including Medela, Ameda and many more. If you have a wide neck pump we now have an adapter set available that fits standard narrow neck and most wide neck breast pumps. Available Here

It’s all about the geometry!

By spreading the milk into a thin layer across our concave surface, breastmilk is able to cool and warm 2-3 times faster than in standard bottles. 

Quick cooling reducing the risk of bacterial growth and protects the nutritional and immunological value of your milk.

While quick heating warm at safe temperatures permits you to feed baby promptly without destroying your precious breastmilk nutrients by overheating or causing hotspots.

Yes! Nanobébé’s nipples feature an advanced 360° double venting system that fights colic by reducing air pressure inside the bottle during feeding.

Yes!  Our bottles can be used for breastmilk storage in the freezer with the safety cap in place. In addition, we also provide storage via our breastmilk storage bags.

Nanobébé’s familiar (breast like) shape, helps many babies to instinctively know where to place their head, hands, and mouth. Additionally, ours is one of the slowest flow rate nipples on the market which most closely resembles actual breastfeeding. We have heard countless stories of babies and preemies who have been unable to transition from breast to bottle easily but have transitioned smoothly to ours.

Flexy Pacifier

For safety and hygiene purposes it is recommend that you replace your pacifier after 4-8 weeks.

Our nanobébé 0-3 month Flexy Pacifiers have a softer nipple for those early newborn stages. Our 3+m Flexy pacifiers have a firmer nipple to meet the oral development needs of your little one as they grow.

Your little ones health is of utmost importance to us.  Therefore, we recommend that you wash the pacifier in hot soapy water or on the top shelf of your dishwasher. You can also take the extra step of sterilizing it in your nanobébé Microwave Steam Sterilizer. This will provide a clean, germ-free pacifier for your baby.

No, our pacifier’s unique ergonomic shape is designed to stay firmly in your baby’s mouth without the safety risks straps provide.

Breastmilk Bags and Organizer

Our nanobébé’s breast milk bags are flat to hold milk in a shallow layer which helps the breast milk cool quickly,  to reduce bacterial growth,  and also thaw quickly and evenly, which helps preserve those precious nutrients and hot spot risks

Breastmilk should be collected in a feeding bottle and then simply poured into the bag for storage.  If using your nanobébé bottle, ensure that the breast pump adaptor is attached when transferring breast milk into the bag.

The organizer holds between 5-10 pre-sterilized breast milk storage bags (25 included).   Refills can be purchased separately in packs of 50.

We recommend following these breastmilk storage guidelines:

(not for preterm babies)

At room temperature
Cooler with ice packs
In a refrigerator
In a freezer
66-78°F  (19-26°C)
59° F (15°C)
<39°F (<4°C)
0-4°F (-18—15°C)
Storage time
4-6 hour
24 hours
3-8 days
6-12 months

Sticking to these guidelines will make sure your breast milk retains all the nutrients that are vital for your little one’s health.

Nanobébé’s breastmilk storage bags are durable, leak-proof, made from extra-thick plastic and feature a double-zipper to prevent any spillage of your precious breastmilk (liquid gold).


As the saying goes, “great things come in small packages!” Don’t let our size and stylish shape fool you, our bags hold the industry standard of 150ml/5oz, but store flat (thin layer) which has the double benefit of protecting your nutrients and saving space in your fridge and freezer.

Slim Drying Rack

Our nanobébé slim drying rack is perfect for all  baby feeding bottles and accessories.

Two peg heights accommodate all bottle and accessory sizes. 

The pegs are removable, so you can arrange them in whichever way suits your drying needs.

Nanobébé’s compact drying rack features a detachable drip tray to collect excess water, which should be emptied and washed regularly. Wash in hot soapy water, rinse in clean water, and let dry.

  • Do not boil or steam.
  • Do not use bleach or any other harsh chemicals

Two peg heights accommodate all bottle and accessory sizes.  The pegs are removable, so you can arrange them in whichever way suits your drying needs, but if you prefer not to use any pegs, that works too.

Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Yes! Our microwave steam sterilizer fits most bottles and infant feeding utensils on the market today.

The adjustable pegs can be moved around the sterilizer to fit your bottles, as needed.

Simply pour 6.5 oz/200ml of water into the base through the perforated tray and then add your bottles’ and other accessories.

As all microwaves vary, see our guidelines below:


Wattage              Full power            Cooling time

Up to 850w        8 minutes           10 minutes

850-1000w        6 minutes           10 minutes

1000w+              4 minutes           10 minutes

Yes, your little ones’ bottles will need washing in hot soapy water or in a dishwasher (top rack only) to remove any milk residue. After washing, place in the sterilizer for a clean hygienic experience.

Sterilizing is a must to ensure your babys’ feeding accessories are safe and germ-free. The process is quick and simple, providing your baby with that extra layer of protection.


Whatever fits your needs the best.  If you require to use the pegs to fit your bottles and accessories then do so.  Otherwise it’s perfectly fine to place the items directly on the netted rack

Smart Warming Bowl

Actually, you are doing everything right! After initially placing the bottle on the mound (to prevent air pockets) the bottle will naturally float upwards as the breastmilk begins to be surrounded by water and the warming process begins.

For your newborn’s safety, it is important to check the temperature of the milk before feeding the baby.  That can only be done with the nipple in place.

Our nanobébé’s smart warming bowl is the optimal warming product for breastmilk.  Thanks to its unique geometry, it warms both nanobébé bottles and breastmilk bags 2 times faster than other warmers on the market at safe and even temperatures, so that precious nutrients aren’t destroyed by high temperatures.

It is also the only eco-friendly warmer on the market (because helping to preserve our environment for our future generations is great). No electricity, no settings, and zero fuss!

Absolutely!  Other bottles can be warmed using our Smart Warming Bowl. Because the design was created with a mound to fit the nanobébé bottles, you may have to add additional water to reach the desired level on your bottle. Keep in mind that the warming rate and uniformity of the temperature will not be equal to that of using the nanobébé bottle in the warmer.

Your goal is to heat breast milk to approximately at or a bit below body temperature which is (98.6°F/37°C)

The amount of time it takes cold milk to reach body temperature varies with the quantity of your breast milk and the temperature of the water in the bowl, the higher the temperature the quicker the heating process occurs.  Due to our design and geometrical shape we are able to warm milk. twice as fast as other bottles’ on the market so your little one can be fed and satisfied quickly

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