Product Description

The nanobébé Back to Work set is simply the perfect set of feeding essentials for nursing moms as they go back to work or plan on leaving their baby in the care of others for periods of time. This complete set includes: innovative nanobébé bottles, breast pump adaptors, slow flow and medium flow silicone nipples, quick-cooling and quick-thawing breastmilk storage bags and a freezer organizer to help you monitor your milk inventory, save storage space, and keep your freezer and storage bags clean and tidy.

• Breastmilk Bottles help preserve essential breastmilk nutrients
• Breastmilk Storage Bags thaw quickly for optimal nutrient preservation
• Breastmilk Storage Bags cool quickly to reduce bacterial growth
• Organizer helps maintain a “first in, first out” policy

What’s in the box:
6 x 4oz/125ml breastmilk bottles
2 x breast pump adaptors
6 x slow flow nipples
2 x medium flow nipples
6 x travel covers
6 x storage caps
2 x 3m+ flexy pacifiers
25 x breastmilk storage bags
1 x freezer organizer