The medical community overwhelmingly considers breastfeeding the best way to feed an infant up until about six months of age, but breastfeeding a baby for 100% of his or her meals during those many months is impractical if not outright impossible for many mothers.

The second best way to feed a baby is with breastmilk delivered from a bottle, as even the best formulas out there can’t match the nutritional value of milk produced by a baby’s own mom.

However, breastmilk can begin losing some of its nutritional quality almost as soon as it has been expressed from the breast and collected in a storage bag or bottle. When breastmilk sits for too long at room temperature or takes too long to cool down in the fridge, nutrient degradation begins, primarily as the immunological components in the milk are consumed by fighting off bacterial growth, thus losing the chance to get into a baby’s system and bolster that young immune system. So too can improper re-heating of breastmilk destroy some of the proteins that would otherwise benefit a baby.

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