Every parent who has a baby that breastfeeds is always worried about also bottle feeding. I for one always worried that my baby wouldn’t want to breastfeed once he had a hold of the bottle. Nanobébé is a new brand dedicated to revolutionizing the infant feeding industry. Launched in February, the company’s flagship Breastmilk Baby Bottle is the first and only baby bottle designed specifically to preserve essential breast milk nutrients.


A Better Baby Bottle – TIME Best Inventions 2018

For decades, baby bottles have been cylindrical—a design that, while functional, can be confusing for breastfed infants and problematic for parents who need to heat milk quickly and evenly. So longtime friends Ayal Lanternari and Asaf Kehat set out to make a better one: Nanobébé ($11, excluding accessories like warmer and drying rack). With more surface area

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The breast shaped baby bottle – DailyMail UK

A dad frustrated by the difficulties of feeding his three month old baby at night has invented a radical new breast-shaped bottle to make parent’s lives easier. Nanobébé’s unique design causes the milk to spread out into a thinner layer. By expanding the milk’s surface area, this allows it to warm up quickly. Read Article

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